A Writing Competition for Students in the Bailiwick of Guernsey

Organised by the Guernsey Literary Festival

Sponsored by

Read the winning stories

Primary Years 3/4/5/6

First Prize


Ruby Le Poidevin

Year 6 St Mary & St Michael

Second Prize

A "Brief" Case

Agnes Henderson

Year 4 Notre Dame School

Third Prize

Hedge Jam

Sophie Harrison

Year 4 Ladies College, Melrose

Highly Commended


Lottie Holland

Year 4 St Mary & St Michael

Intermediate Years 7/8/9

Highly Commended

The Agent

Fred Mc Lellan

Year 7 Elizabeth College

Screen Time

Thomas Guilbert

Year 7 Blanchelande School

Senior Years 10+

Third Prize

It’s Time

Harry Snell

Year 10+ Elizabeth College

Highly Commended


Evan Stuart

Year 10+ Elizabeth College

Special Educational Needs (SEND)

Highly Commended


Write an imaginary 300 word story inspired by Detectives or Spies

We are sending you to lead an investigation or else on a top-secret mission! The choice is yours. Your challenge is to write your own original episode featuring either spies OR detectives in just 300 words.

What crime, mystery, or crisis will be the focus of the story? Where will the story be set and what will happen? Who will be the hero or the evil villain? Who might be the suspects and what clues will be discovered along the way? Or what might be at stake for your spy or spies? Use tension, mystery and suspense to craft your story to a memorable climax.