Highly commended

Screen Time

Thomas Guilbert
Year 7 Blanchelande School

This is it.

This is the world.

Larry looked around the dark streets where not a single person wasn’t on their phone. It had been like this for too long now. Sometimes, Larry had a little inspiration to be the one to put an end to this phone-ridden world. But no. Stop being silly, he told himself.

He kicked a can as he got up from a bench, next to him an obese man with a stained basketball jersey. Walking back to his dilapidated home, he pondered on how he could potentially change things.

He went to his room and on the wall, jotted ideas. His mum wouldn’t care. She didn’t care for anything apart from her phone. Nothing eventually came to his mind, so he went out to try and convince people to help him.

Until he walked back in.

Larry would put his life to risk doing this, but he would find the mastermind behind the hypnosis! For real this time!

Not again.

But how would he find this guy?

The address! It was written on everyone’s phone.

Upon arriving after a long train journey, he climbed about seemingly millions of stairs until he arrived at a wooden door with a gold plaque. ‘Dr Sates’, it said.

Upon opening the door, he encountered no living beings in the room.

Until he narrowly dodged a bullet.

He turned to see a massive robot with a screen for a face. Not wasting a millisecond, Larry picked up the bullet and threw it at the screen, which shattered into a million pieces.

The world immediately turned to day and Larry looked out the window to thousands of cheering faces. Everyone dropped their phones and started living. Like, really living!

He had set the world free!

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