Highly commended

The Doggie Detective Agency- The Case of the Missing Jewellery

Lottie Rainbow
Year 4 St Martin’s School

Once upon a time there were 3 dogs. The head dog was Ralph, the shaggy Sheepdog. His assistant was Chloe, the beautiful brown and white Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The third dog was a mischievous Chihuahua called Chico. They were owned by 3 girls called Cleo, Amy and Jessica.

As the owners go off to school, the dogs meet up in the town square. They can talk, but to humans it sounds like barking. There is a flower in the centre of the square. If they press the middle of the bud, a gnarled looking lift appears and goes up to the Doggie Detective Agency (it is really a treehouse).

These dogs watch everyone in the town to look for criminals. If there are any crimes around, the dogs will find the thief and get back items that were stolen. They heard people crying in the streets saying, ‘’Quick, our precious jewellery has disappeared. ’’The dogs sprang into action.

In the treehouse, Ralph said, ‘’we should look for a suspect’’, so they peered around for someone looking suspicious, but they couldn’t see anybody. They searched in and out of town and they still couldn’t find anyone. ‘’Let’s get back to our base,’’ said Chico.

Suddenly a big black and white bird glided over them. ‘’Did you see something shiny in his claws?’’ said Chloe. ‘’Brilliant!’’ said Ralph ‘’That is our thief, we have solved the mystery’’. ‘’How is a bird the thief?’’ said Chico. ‘’Chico! Magpies are attracted to shiny things,’’ said Chloe. They soon found the magpie’s strong nest made of glimmering watches, long necklaces and sparkling rings and gave them back to the happy owners.

‘’Another closed case,’’ said Ralph, ‘’back home before our owners return.’’

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