Highly commended

A Sticky Situation

Noah Le Noury
Year 3 Blanchelande School

The phone rang, waking me up. “Come quickly to the police station!” On arriving, the officer pointed to the hole torn in the roof, “There's been a breakout! It must be Mr BadTooth.”

Whilst analysing the scene, I received a worrying call from the bank manager, “The gold is gone and there’s a hole in the roof!”

The calls continued. Luigi, the Italian restaurant owner, was crying, “Someone took all the food and my dog.” This didn’t seem like Mr BadTooth because the roof was intact. Luigi said, “I am sure I locked the door.” I asked, “Where did you put the keys? Under the mat?” Luigi nodded.

Bob, the ice-cream man declared, “The ice-cream is gone, even the flakes and sprinkles.” What was Mr BadTooth doing? Only a big place, like the abandoned bakery, could hide these things.

I knocked down the bakery door but fell straight into gooey melted marshmallows. As I struggled, Mr BadTooth entered, licking a huge Rocky Road ice-cream,

“Hahaha… you found my sticky trap. Let me explain. The prisoners helped me steal the gold and build my ‘MarshmallowAnator’. The machine uses all items and turns them into delicious marshmallow, except the dog of course – I am not a monster.”

Luigi’s dog barked loudly, distracting everyone, whilst I freed myself from the goop. I needed to destroy the MarshmallowAnator before the city drowned in a hot sticky mess. Luckily, I had my magnifying glass. I pointed it to the sun, creating a laser, melting the MarshmallowAnator into a puddle of gold.

Mr BadTooth shouted “No!” He ran forward, tripped and knocked himself and the prisoners into a large marshmallow puddle where they waited for the police to arrive. I had saved the day with some help from the dog.

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