Highly commended

Operation Phoenix Lights

Max Coutanche
Year 10+ Elizabeth College

In dusty draws of the Station archives were the logs of one ‘David Smith’ I opened them and began to read…

“David Smith --- Operation Phoenix Lights” was emblazed on the front.


The sky was bright with the shining moon, the city was bustling with activity. I stepped into the dark, musty underwater base. I removed my shoes and stepped toward the lab. In the lab there were shelves, stacked high with chemicals. My name is David Smith, retired special agent, destroyer of the Earth. In the world was much danger, I had developed a bomb to destroy the entire Earth!

Day 7

My plan was in action, the pesky government couldn’t stop me any longer, it was time for retaliation.

Day 14

The bright rays of sun flashed through the windscreen, illuminating the cockpit of my jet, in that moment, I saw an F-35B fighter jet rush past me, the RAF had come to shoot me down before I could destroy the planet. A few seconds later, the planes had circled back and were right on my tail, shells shot past the cockpit as a rush of adrenaline filled me, I escaped into a nearby cloud and circled till I could land.

Day 20

It was time, the explosives were sat, all I had to do was detonate them and launch my rocket and land in my space station. I had planted a voice activated microphone in the houses of parliament, waiting for the PM’s speech... In the afternoon it triggered, just as I was safely into orbit, I looked back toward the earth and saw a massive fireball...

Day 34

It was just one week after the mission, I had completed the space station, with all defences needed. It was finally over, after so long Finished

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