Highly commended

Midnight Mission

Toby Gregg
Year 8 Grammar School

It was the darkest night the secret agent had ever experienced. A sudden glimmer of light shot out the window beside him while a car honked down the street. Quickly, he turned his head left and right searching for any movement, but there was none. He proceeded down the hallway, silently sliding across the floorboards…CREAK! The spy dashed behind a pillar at the sudden sound. As his breathing crept up he saw the coast was clear and withdrew from his cover. Now the stairs. He’d been studying this dwelling for months and calculated that the squeak from the stairs would risk waking the residents up. So he leapt into the air and slid down the banister to land softly in the hall. Following a silent celebration, he headed into the kitchen and opened the storeroom. Guiding his hand carefully through the food, he cleared a space towards the target, but…no? He premeditated that they would be in this exact location, but still no?! This can’t be true! In shock, he rummaged through other units until he finally found what he was looking for. YES! Retracing his steps victoriously, he climbed the stairs without thinking. SCREECH! He stopped dead in his tracks as he realized his mistake. “MICHEAL!” Said a loud voice as he was blinded by the glaring hall lights, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!”. His cover was blown. “Sorry Dad, I was just…uhm, getting some water.” “Go back to bed.” Micheal obediently trotted back to his room. As he closed the door to his room he removed the concealed chocolate bars from his pockets, and in triumph, he jumped into bed, pulled up the covers, and took a huge bite. As he looked across the room towards his little sister warm in bed he muttered “mission accomplished.”

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