Highly commended

Louis The Detective: The Story of the Missing book

Louis Kent
Year Le Rondin School

One day Louis lost a book called “Going on a Bear Hunt”. He looked in the cupboard for the book!

Detective Louis looked in the library, in the staffroom, in the office. Detective Louis looked everywhere!

Detective Louis went back to the library and found” Pig in the Pond” but still no Bear Hunt book! Louis asked Miss King ”Have you seen my book?” She said “No! Sorry.”

Detective Louis went to see Mike the Caretaker and asked Mike “Have you seen my book?”. Mike said No!

Louis went again around the school. This time with a poster which said ”Have you seen my book?”. Paula and Neil saw the poster and said they had not seen the book but they would look out for it.

Detective Louis popped in to see Becky and read the poster to her too. She promised to look for the book too.

Detective Louis asked Mrs Sullivan. Mrs Sullivan said to try the Hygge room.

Yes, we found the missing book.

Detective Louis was very happy to find his book.

The End

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