Highly commended

Diamond Discovery

Zara Smart
Year 6 Hautes Capelles School

Shattered glass lay glistening on the rain-soaked pavement, like shining stars in the dark sky. Screeching alarms echoed around St Peter Port. What had happened?

Detective Smart, Guernsey’s best investigator, was chatting to her colleagues as she was eating her lunch when the call came through. Suddenly, she leapt from her comfy chair and reached for her long overcoat. Rain continued to pour from the stormy clouds as Detective Smart sprinted down Smith Street.

As she arrived at the jewellers, she spotted the manager just switching off the ear-piercing alarm.

“Oh thank goodness all of that noise has gone!” she exclaimed.

Behind the marble counter, Detective Smart discovered some faint muddy footprints. The footprints were spread around the glass-covered shimmering floor.

Six empty spaces lay alone within the smashed glass cabinet. A ripped piece of paper caught the Detective’s eye. She read the crumpled page and hurried along to the Guille-Alles Library.

As Detective Smart rushed up the slippery granite steps, something made her stop. Footprints. The same footprints as at the jewellers.

Entering the library, she spotted Sneaky Steve, looking flustered, returning a book.

“I arrest you for robbing the jeweller’s!” shouted Detective Smart.

“How did you know it was me?” questioned a confused Sneaky Steve.

Back at the Police Station, Detective Smart explained how she had solved the mysterious crime. Sneaky Steve had made the careless mistake of leaving a page of his library book at the site of the robbery in his rush to exit. Muddy footprints led the Detective to the book-loving thief.

Later that day, Detective Smart returned the five diamond rings to the jewellers.

Whatever happened to the sixth diamond ring?

Detective Smart walked away from the jeweller’s, with a huge grin on her face, admiring the sparkling diamond ring on her finger!

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