Highly commended

The Ghost Detectives

Beatrix Buchanan
Year 5 Notre Dame School

I smelt the musty air inside. I felt all the blood rush to my brain. I saw the eerie shadows on the wall. I heard the strange yowling and I tasted the bitter hopelessness but I had to stay strong... I was the lead inspector.

My name is Astra and I'm here to take you through the strange events of Halloween 2021. It all started at Casper's house everyone was ready to leave. Everyone that is except for Calista. Suddenly Casper’s sister ran in at lightning speed crying her head off.

"A ghost stole my candy, "Alicia wailed she had long tears dribbling down her red cheeks and looked as if she had run all the way home.

I immediately drew out my notebook and here's what I wrote...

Victim of theft: Alicia

At: Haunted House

Place stolen: Echo Valley

Shape: Dark figure

Suspected: Ghost

Time stolen: 5pm - 5.20pm

Case inspectors: Astra, Calista, Baldwin and Casper (aka the Ghost Detectives)

With all the information we headed for the haunted house. Ivy draped over every surface and no light came from the cold glassless windows. When we got inside we saw shadows like bats darting along the walls. The succulent smell of candy filled our nostrils. This was definitely the thief's hideout. Slowly we approached the room where the strange noises were coming from. None of us wanted to go in.

"I'm so scared," whimpered Calista.

"Me too," whispered Baldwin.

"Me three," added Casper.

And what might have been a smile came across everyone's faces. Eventually with trembling fingers I opened the door. It creaked menacingly as my hand pushed the gnarled and rotten wood to reveal the secret behind.

We all shined our torches on Casper's shaggy black dog guzzling sweets. Everyone took a deep breath and laughed.

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