Highly commended

Don’t Look Back…

Kirstie Gosney
Year 10+ St Sampson’s School

It was a cold, gloomy night so I was glad when the time came to step into my favourite fuzzy slippers and switch on the TV. However, just as I began to do so, my phone started to buzz. I glanced at the screen: "incoming call from Detective Mark Tinker". I sighed as I picked up the phone and made an attempt to sound unbothered about the interruption to my evening.

"Hello, is this Jess?" he asked.

"Speaking. What's up?" Something about his tone of voice sounded unusually tense and I had a feeling I knew why.

"A man has been found dead in his own home. Murdered."

"Oh! That's terrible!" I gasped "How old was he?"

"Well peculiarly, it was the man who's fraud case you've been looking into recently. We're going to need your help with the investigation. How soon can you get here?"


"Jess?" My voice began to tremble "20 minutes." I hung up the phone.

I pulled up to the house which was now surrounded by yellow tape and flashing lights. I was greeted by Detective Tinker who told me firmly "You know the drill... NOTHING should be left uninspected."

We got to work, checking every surface in an attempt to find any clues that could help us get to the bottom of the murder.

Over an hour later, there had still been no discoveries of any significance, but then Detective Tinker let out an almighty gasp…

“What is it?” I asked, trying my best not to raise any suspicion.

As he turned around, every second that passed felt like a minute, all because resting in the palm of his hand… was my necklace.

They were onto me! I made a sudden dash for the door, constantly reminding myself “Whatever you do… don’t. look. back.”

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