Highly commended

The Agent

Fred Mc Lellan
Year 7 Elizabeth College

Cosmic opened his laptop. He had been told that there was a meeting and even MI6 has to use teams. Yep, sure enough, there was a team’s call and the familiar bloop, bloop as he joined. Even with 5 bars of Wi-Fi and the newest high-tech computer (provided by MI6) it always took a while to join.

“It has been a few weeks since we last checked up on you, what have you discovered about the Russians?”

“Well, I’ve got a few things to tell you. Firstly, they seem to be developing a few new weapons. I tried to find out what they were, but I couldn’t find out. They also seem to have put a surprising amount of money into the development of new fighter jets, which is a bit worrying.”

“Ok, but how are you doing? Are they suspicious? Do they know anything?”

Cosmic laughed. “Me? No, they know nothing.”

“Where are you now?”

“In a flat.”

“Were you followed?”

He rolled his eyes. “No, I was not followed.”

“Good. I guess that’s that then, we will check-up on you soon.

“Wait! I’ve got more news! the Russians seem to know something about the security in England, but I don’t know what. Do you know what’s going on?”

“They know something about the security? Oh no, half of our high-tech computers that we supply out have been hacked, it would be fatal if the Russians knew this! Tell them some nonsense to keep them off the trail.”

“Will do.”

Cosmic closed his laptop and turned around the fellow Russian KGB officer by his side.

“Well done 5674w83q, you’ve kept them off the trail, and we’ve got the big guns.” Little did they realise the webcam was still on, and the screen was being recorded…

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