Highly commended

Detective Connective and the Mystery of Christmas

Rafe Rang
Year 7 St Sampson’s School

Detective Connective is the smartest detective the world has ever seen, greater than the world-famous Sherlock.

Walking down the cold street, Detective Connective was in shock: all the children were crying. “Why?” he thought. “It's Christmas Day." He took a quick puff from his famous pipe and walked to his office.

All of a sudden his secretary came rushing in with the phone. “Hello?”

“Hello, no one in the world has been delivered presents.”

Santa hasn't brought presents?”


“I'm on the case to find out why.”

Detective Connective got a private flight to the North Pole.

Detective Connective got to the North Pole and went to Santa's Lodge to meet Mrs Claus. She said that Santa went to his Sleigh but when she took him cookies he was gone and the only thing left were two pairs of footprints.

Following the prints, Detective Connective found a maze of MINES. He was scared but used his bag to find them. Luckily he passed and came across a suspicious frozen lake. When he walked across it, the ice cracked and crocodiles came towards him. He found some meat in the bag and the crocodiles went for it. He made his way around the lake, continuing for miles until he found a cave with a smouldering fire he thought, ‘Let's have a quick look.’

When entering the cave, surprisingly Santa was tied up against a rock. He went to free him when someone came from behind with a gun. Being trained in martial arts, he attacked the guy and got him on the ground. Detective Connective called the FBI to pick him up. Untying Santa, he set him off to deliver presents.

When Detective Connective got home he got a Knighthood from the queen and became known as Sir Detective Connective.

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