Highly commended

The eye of the Graeae

Reuben Montgomery
Year 10+ Elizabeth College

I have been with these three old hags for as long as I can remember. I was given to share between the three of them at birth because of their ‘ungodliness. We live in a swamp, by the way. A swamp! That was the only thing these witches were capable of handling. Jurisdiction over a hot, wet, stinking swamp! I myself am, of course, the famed Eye of The Graeae. I hold vast wisdom and knowledge, and to be honest, these three sisters are beneath me. Nevertheless, one must do some charity work every now and then, and, fingers crossed, this will give me a pleasant retirement after The Graeae have popped their clogs! Anyway, today The Sisters were doing their usual routine of trapping and eating travellers who pass through the swamp when this young man came along. He said his name was Perseus and that he ‘Seeks the location of the Monstrous Gorgon Medusa.’ Of course, I knew where she was and was more than willing to tell this handsome young gentleman her location. However, surprise-surprise the old hags weren’t so sure. They kept passing me around between them so they could get a look at this chap when suddenly he snatched me from them. I was now flying through the air enclosed in his huge strong hand. I didn’t mind in the slightest. After all, his skin was soft and clean, unlike the wrinkled bodies of The Sisters. Did I mention he was Greek? So dreamy… They begged for me back; I am very desirable. They said they would do whatever it takes to have me once again, and before I knew it, I was once again wrapped in the cage of a damp, wrinkled hand, and the gorgeous Perseus was gone. They told him.

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