Highly commended

The Spider and the Superhero

Aaron Mort
Year 6 Le Rondin School

A very long time ago, there was a very bad scary spider. He had three heads. Each head was more disgusting than the last. He had thousands of eyes. If you stared into his eyes, they would kill you. The spider had loads of hairy legs, and his body was covered in spikes. Each year, the spider terrorised the towns by eating people and stealing people’s favourite presents at Christmas, just like The Grinch. The spider grappled from house to house until he got to his lab. This is where he spied on lots of people so he could see where they are and plan to kill them. One day the spider was spying as usual when out of nowhere, a superhero crashed into his lab. The spider was frightened and shocked, but suddenly he realised the superhero came to kill him. The spider decided that they would have a fight the next day. The next day, the spider and the superhero were on top of a house, about to fight and everyone was cheering the super hero. This made the spider feel angry, and he thought, “Even with all those people cheering him on, I can still beat him!” The spider grabbed the superhero by his legs and was about to put him in his mouth, but the superhero kicked him in the head and finished him off. The spider was dead. The superhero won, and everyone was crying with happiness except the spider.

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