First Prize

The Legend of Spike and Tom

Colton-Lee Lewis
Year 6 Le Rondin School

Once upon a time, there was a destructive person called Spike. He was so evil he went to prison 38 times because he ruined all the children's birthdays. He was a big fan of chocolate cake. Spike had eight enormous, spiky arms and jet-powered boots that shot fire at his enemies when he fought them. Tom was a tall superhero. He had four legs, and half of his body was a hand, which wasn’t normal. He was a mutant. Tom also had a robot planted inside of him. That was his sidekick. His sidekick helped Tom fight and told him what moves to do.

Spike and Tom had been battling for years and years; they were worst enemies. One day, Tom was celebrating his birthday. Spike appeared as if by magic and stole the green and white birthday cake from Tom. He clicked his fingers and teleported away. Tom was furious, and he wanted payback, so he went to Spike’s lair to fight him. This fight was different. It was brutal. The two of them fought furiously. Spike stabbed Tom’s leg so he couldn’t walk. Tom tried to stand up and fight him, but Spike kept dodging his shots. Tom was almost ready to pass out, but his sidekick told him to persevere, so he fought for hours and hours, never stopping. Spike was beginning to feel sick and tired, and he began to make lots of mistakes. All of a sudden, Tom jumped at him and finished him off with a punch to the face. Spike fell to the ground with a thud. Tom had won. Tom went home and celebrated the victory over Spike. Little did he know, Spike was still alive…

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