Highly commended

Legacy of Mars

Jenson Gray
Year 10+ Le Murier School

Our story begins billions of years ago on Mars, where the so-called hero Entity became who he was. Let me tell you the short side of the story. We begin looking towards a terostorm. This is where he and Trinity first met right at the foothold of that terostorm, and this is the moment Trinity pushed Entity right into the terostorm to see the effects it would grant. Entity should have died, but instead, he was granted overwhelming power that passes human comprehension. After Trinity realized the power Entity has been given he jumped into the terostorm willingly. He did this so they could fight to the death, and so they fought. The power Entity has is over life and death itself, so the fight should have been easy, but somehow the power Trinity has deflects life and death, so he's sort of in limbo. The first attack comes from Entity; it hits Trinity right in the shoulder, but obviously, it didn't do anything. Then the attack deflects Trinity there for bouncing back at Entity. Luckily Entity's own attack doesn't hurt him, but it was luck. Who knows how much of that he's got left. He thinks from here they could fight with only their fists, but obviously, that couldn't work because they are both immortal. Then they waited for the terostorm to come back, and their idea was to get struck by the terostorm so that they could reverse the power they were given. Therefore they could fight to the death. Then a few million years later, the terostorm is back, they find themselves looking towards the terostorm, but this time they both jump willingly. They were right. The terostorm reversed their powers, making them human one last time before they both fought each other to the death.

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