Highly commended

The Whisper

Jack Mace
Year 5 St Mary & St Michael

Josh felt bored. He didn’t enjoy playing anything his siblings, Timmy and Samantha, thought of. His mum suggested playing at the Guet and the old castle. She reminded him about the myth that if you go into the dungeons, you will never get out. When the children arrived, they began playing tag until Josh shouted, “What’s this?” A weird carving in one of the trees had caught his eye. 1562. “What could it mean?” Josh wondered. “Dunno! Shall we go to the castle now?” asked Samantha. They headed to the castle. The ground was slippy. Samantha yelped loudly. She’d fallen off the edge. Luckily not very high. When Samantha sat up, she realised where she was. “Josh, Tim, I’ve found the dungeon gate!” The boys raced to Samantha. “Four keyholes!” exclaimed Timmy in shock, “but where are the keys?” They searched like wild scavengers. “Here!” called Timmy as he kicked some brambles to reveal seven golden keys, all still connected to a rusty key chain. “How do we know which ones to use?” Timmy asked, confused. “1562”, Josh whispered, “1562!” He repeated louder. “Yes!” Agreed Samantha. “But how do we know which one is which?” Timmy asked, even more confused. “Give them here, Timmy. Look, they have numbers engraved.” Samantha said. They put the keys in and twisted them. The door opened. They heard a strange whisper and crept down the ragged steps towards it. The Guet fell silent. Years later, two men discovered the dungeon. They found the open gate and keys. They knew the myth but didn’t believe it. They cautiously stepped into the dungeon. They saw some small skeletons huddled together. It was three children. There was a strange whisper in the corner. The men turned to see it… and the Guet fell silent…

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