Highly commended

Legend of Lihou

Gabriel Bachmann
Year 5 La Houguette School

It was a fine spring morning in 1114 on the island of Lihou, just off the coast of Guernsey. The sun was rising over the Priory that the Benedictine Monks from France had built. The rabbits were bouncing in the walled garden, and the Prior’s main servant, Jean-Pierre, was hauling a net full of fish up the beach, ready for lunch. The Prior called to Jean-Pierre and said, “ Please get ready! The tide is right to cross the causeway to Guernsey; we have a meeting with the priest of St. Appoline’s Chapel”. They gathered their things and made their way along the cobbled path that only reveals itself when the sea parts at low tide. After a long meeting with the priest, the Prior asked his servant to carry back his enormous book of spells, formulas and incantations, but said, “Jean-Pierre, whatever happens, you are forbidden to peek inside”. As the Prior crosses the causeway, he was horrified to see how fast the tide was rising. Water rushes past him, and in desperation, he looks around for Jean-Pierre. He saw that his servant was sat on the beach engrossed in the forbidden book, reading a spell that speeds up the tide. The Prior tried with all his might to swim, but the force of the water was too strong. It rose above his head and carried him helplessly away. He was drowned by his very own spell. Jean-Pierre looked from the beach with horror then sadness. He patiently waits for low tide so that he can return to Lihou. On his return, he told his friends and the monks what had happened. He was given chores as punishment, and he vowed never to disobey the monks again. The monks, in return, vowed to only write spells that bring good fortune.

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