Highly commended

Theseus & The Minotaur

Sam Savory
Year 8 Elizabeth College

The sun beamed down on the tranquil sea, glistening like a thousand stars. Theseus looked on, grit determination riddled within his eyes, for it was not the awe-inspiring sea that he looked at. It was the lair of the beast hidden within. He collected his weapons and dove into the murky depths of the bleak sea. After years of observation, he knew exactly where the labyrinth was. He opened the immense iron door with a grimace painted across his face. He had been training for this his whole life. Failure was not an option. Not an ounce of fear lay within him as he thundered down the path remembering to lay down the string he had brought to retrace his steps after he had laid waste to the minotaur.

Suddenly, a deafening, terrifying roar echoed throughout the watery halls and sent a shiver down his spine. His mood changed instantly, and he started to tiptoe gingerly down the winding corridors. At once, a repulsive stench overwhelmed him, and he coughed in disgust. The smell of rotting flesh filled his lungs, and he knew he was close to the lair of the beast. After a few more twists and turns in the path, he had reached the stomach-churning cavern of the minotaur. All the fear that lay within had gone, and he gained his concentration and determination once more. His whole life led up to this moment. This beast had destroyed his town. A burning fire of uncontrollable revenge filled his eyes. He entered. There it was, the beast he had been preparing his whole life to slay, but he couldn’t do it. For Theseus was only five years old, and his arms were pretty tired of holding this rubber sword. Also, his dog was pretty cute.

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