Highly commended

The Vessel of Evil

Rafi James
Year 7 Elizabeth College

Seeing as I was made to hold objects, you might think I had a boring life, but no evil or death belonged to the world before I came down to earth. Let me tell you the story from the beginning. I was sitting on a desk in Zeus’s Olympus office, some lightning bolts in my storage when I heard him arguing with Prometheus. “NO! YOU CANNOT JUST GO AROUND GIVING OTHER SPECIES FIRE, EVEN IF THEY DO GET IT, THEY SHOULD GET IT THEMSELVES! YOU MUST BE PUNISHED FOR THIS!” Zeus thundered. “Please, Zeus, be reasonable, it’s…” Prometheus started in a calm voice. “IN THAT CASE, I WILL PUNISH YOU ALL!” interrupted Zeus, and he stormed away. He stomped up to the desk to pick up a lightning bolt, and just as he was turning away, his eyes landed on me, and a little smile crossed his face. He picked me up and threw me in a sack, and everything went dark. I woke up in a lush field full of flowers. A note over me said Just remember, don’t open the box! I thought I must be hallucinating. Just a minute ago, I was in Olympus listening to Zeus thundering. I started to look at my surroundings and saw a young human running towards me. As soon as she set eyes on me, she leant down and picked me up, ignoring the note stuck to me. Confused, she inspected my lid and looked around to see if anyone was watching. Excitedly, she lifted it and stumbled back as out came a swirling fog, instantly penetrating everything. Surprised, she dropped me, and I couldn’t see anything. You can now see that I am the reason we are in the world we live in, and it’s my fault that wickedness exists.

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