Highly commended

Do I hear Screams?

George Le Roux
Year 9 Elizabeth College

Not all lumberjacks have to hack down wolves with their brand new axes and save little girls from being eaten, but I guess I have to. It’s also not every day that I get a day off. This was that one day, that one day! And do you knowhat, I didn’t even get to relax. Instead, I had to go and save an incompetent, sorry excuse of a girl who is not even smart enough to tell a wolf from her grandma. Insanity, I tell you! After just having finished splitting up a gargantuan oak, which I admittedly had forgotten to do yesterday, a faint wisp of a scream made its way into my ear, like a piece of thread slipping just perfectly into a needle. I ignored it at first, but it became more frequent and louder, like a bird when it’s calling for its mother. Finally, it became so loud I couldn’t bear it any longer, so I lifted up my axe, and off I went to the site of the screaming. That was a mistake. When I arrived at the old, dilapidated, ivy-covered house, I paraded through the door with hopes that it was just the kettle whistling, but I was quite shocked to find a wolf and a girl. This was a strange pair to find in such an old house, and I was even more shocked to find that wolf was trying to ingest the girl. Being the brave lumberjack I am, I swiftly took care of business. My axe dug itself into the wolf’s stomach and split it open with ease. So much for keeping my axe clean. I yanked out the girl with great effort, and without staying any longer than I needed to, I swiftly left, back to my day off.

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